Origin: India-Karnataka
Altitude Plantation: +1000m above sea level
Type: Arabica – single origin coffee – fairtrade
Variety: Chandragiri, Catimore, Hemavathi

Delicious Indian Shade Coffee

Shade Coffee is a mild arabica coffee, with a low acidity. Shade has a delicate and
silky-smooth flavour, while the aftertaste leaves pleasantly subtle aromas. In addition, Shade has an exquisite coffee fragrance.

The arabica coffee plant is usually grown in sunny situations, at high altitude. Currently, on many plantations, they are grown in the sun in order to achieve a high
yield, and a faster production of ripe beans. However, our Shade beans, as the name
implies, are grown and ripened slowly under the canopy of taller Indian trees. Our
plantation is located at 1000 metres above sea level, and both these factors contribute to the mild, sweet taste of the coffee. The beans are cultivated naturally and sustainably, and are roasted in small batches in order to preserve the complex flavours of the green beans. Shade Coffee does not possess the often harsh or acidic
flavours often present in other coffees.

Preparing the coffee with an espresso machine will provide the highest quality crema, which contains all the aromas and coffee oils present in these luscious beans; however, if used as a filter or perculato coffee, it will also result in magnificent coffee flavours!

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